Company profile

MedProducts Ltd. Is a medical marketer and supplier. We supply customized medical textiles and sterile disposable products to hospitals, medical institutions, health service organizations and government agencies.

A Wide Range of Products 
Our clients can choose from a comprehensive range of products for ophthalmology, General Surgery, Gynecology and Plastic Surgery.
Our large inventory includes surgical packs, surgical drapes, disposable surgical gowns, masks, medical devices, ophthalmic packs and LIPITEARTM eye drops. 
As global importers, we work with quality manufacturers from all over the world, importing top-line products we can proudly supply with assurance. 

Service That Makes a Difference
MedProducts is managed by a highly accomplished all-women team and is a service-oriented company. Attentive to our clients' distinct needs, we go the extra mile to minimize bureaucracy and speed up delivery times. Our flexibility allows us to accommodate your changing needs. 
We customize your orders including packaging and labeling. We cater to specific requests and go out of our way to offer you solutions that will meet your budget and quality requirements. 

Prepared for the Future
MedProducts is a fast-growing company. We are  constantly  implementing new methodologies to  further improve our services .Building on our ongoing success and the vision of our all-women management, we are teaming up with new manufacturers, suppliers and partners, to further enhance our range of cutting-edge products.